Are you a game lover? If you are one of the game lovers, you may like our idea of presenting Pacman coloring pages ghostly. 

pacman coloring pages ghostly adventures

pacman coloring pages ghostly adventures. Image via

Here is a little bit of knowledge about Pac-Man. Pac-Man is an arcade game which is developed by Namco and published by Midway. This game is released in Japan on 22nd May 1980. The creator of this game named Toru Iwatani, who is an employee of Namco.

pacman coloring pages ghostly

pacman coloring pages ghostly. Image via

To play the game is simple: the player must control the yellow round named Pac-Man and drive it through the hole while eating small things. The player must avoid for ghost which runs around the hole. If the yellow round touch the ghosts, the player will lose. The player can go to another level if all the smalls things have been eaten without touch the ghosts.

pacman coloring pages logo

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Based on the popularity of Pac-Man, we present you with  Pacman coloring pages ghostly. The worksheets show you the image of the popular game.  pacman coloring pages ghostly is the best worksheets which you can download and share to your students. You can use the worksheets for free.

pacman coloring pages pacman mozaik

pacman coloring pages pacman mozaik. Image via


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On another post, we may update the newest game sheets other than pacman coloring pages ghostly. Do not worry since our team will always update the site with the newest amazing worksheets.

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