Aphmau Coloring Pages

Drawing is an activity where you can carry out by a person by making strokes, lines, shading or images or duplicating an object and view on paper, canvas, walls and others, using pencils, colored pencils, crayons and watercolors. And everyone must have done it, either when they were young or until they were adults.

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Abraham and Sarah Coloring Pages

Sarah is a woman who is smart and his abilities. But when he married Abraham, he made a decision. He built his life goals in his duty to help her husband fulfill God’s purpose in his life. That is not a weakness. That is God’s will in Sarah’s life: true obedience. Some wives systematically sabotage God’s plan for their husbands because they do not want to believe in God and entrust themselves to His wisdom. They just don’t believe God works through their husbands to achieve what is best for them. They feel they must help God through their domination of their husbands.

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