When outside is freezing cold, the most pleasant thing is to wear a blanket and watch TV at home. Do not be lazy! There are lots to do when outside is full of snow, rain, and ice. Snowy winter is not the right time to stay at home.

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The Soviets are quite fond of having fun when cold and ice skating is one of the most popular activities to date. Another fun activity is riding the sled. Gliding from the slopes at high speed with friends will never be stale.

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Skiing: a traditional winter game in Russia. In some Soviet schools, children do it as part of their physical education class. It is not only good for being closer to nature, but also for health and endurance.

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You can also conduct a coloring class while winter, using our Winter Coloring Pages for Kids. In the middle of the coloring class, you can tell the kids about the activity they may need to do while winter.


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You can also tell them to use Winter Coloring Pages for Kids in their own home. At the end of the winter, you can ask them about their experience they have done in the winter by bringing the coloring pages. Sharing a different experience can enrich your knowledge in anything.

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