Benjamin Holt was a United States industrialist who created tractors and other agricultural equipment when World War I broke out. Although he was quite innovative but he chose to create agricultural tools rather than weapons for war. You can get the sheets from Army Tank Coloring Pages For Adventure.

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Army tank coloring pages 2. Image via

But what happened then was the agricultural tool that was created still dragged into the battlefield and instead became one of the biggest innovations in the war at that time. Holt began developing a new tractor design in 1904 known as “Caterpillar”. This tractor uses treads instead of wheels that enable it to move on the San Joaquin River Delta mud near Sacramento, California. You just need to take Army Tank Coloring Pages For Adventure with you.

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Army tank coloring pages 3. Image via

Holt then replaced the steam engine used in the original design with a gasoline engine in 1980. When World War I opened, horses were slaughtered in front-line battles until they were slowly replaced by tractors, including those built by Holt.

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Army tank coloring pages 4. Image via

The Holt design is truly a front-line favorite because the amazing grip of the caterpillar’s tread allows the tractor to operate in heavy mud and cross large holes.


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Army tank coloring pages 1. Image via

This led the British government to place orders for around 1,000 Holt Caterpillar tractors. But when the same tractor rolls into the battlefield, there are many reasons for the German army to overcome it. One of these tractors was modified and became what became known as “Mad Max”. This vehicle was covered with thick metal plates and carried machine guns and cannons which made it very heavy to move. He is only able to crawl 4 miles per hour. Well, you need to get Army Tank Coloring Pages For Adventure.

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