Did you know where did we get the inspiration for Baseball Coloring Pages? 

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baseball coloring pages 1. Image via www.3.bp.blogspot.com

It was mainly because of baseball. Actually, the world is still debating about where baseball is from. Some say they come from America, and some say that baseball comes from England. In 1903, a sports news writer and British-born historian named Henry Chadwick published a story that discussed baseball originating from England and developed from the rounders game.

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baseball coloring pages 2. Image via www.3.bp.blogspot.com

Albert Spalding, a former baseball player, and a Chicago White Stockings owner heard and immediately denied the news. He asserted that Baseball is a sport originating from the United States created by Abner Doubleday. Albert asked baseball organizations all over the world to investigate where baseball came from. Finally, the world stated that America was the country that created baseball with Abner Doubleday as the father of baseball.

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Since baseball is played only for recreational activities and carried out in a closed field, it turned out that in a short period of time baseball became a game that many people liked there at that time.

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