A toddler child frowns because he can’t continue watching TV considering it’s time to sleep at night. Even because he was upset he had hit his mother. These events can trigger a fight at night. But wise mothers understand that “feeling sleepy” sometimes causes children to want things they shouldn’t. So, instead of punishing or nagging the child, the mother took a large blanket, then covered her child and herself with the blanket and began an exciting game that was “camping while waiting for the arrival of the big bear (daddy who just returned from work).”

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When Daddy enters the room, the bear roars to search for its prey, for a moment out of the tent, then crawls over everything that is under the blanket. You can imagine how the cry of the child screamed when the bear opened the blanket and pounced on the child who had begun to frown. When a big bear goes to take a bath, the mother goes on to tell the story in the tent (blanket) and the child is finally better prepared to sleep with a more pleasant mood.

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