Many children have parents who are physically present at home, but they cannot feel the presence of their parents. Why? Because parents are busy with their own activities, and children are also absorbed in enjoying their own world. Parents’ initiative to participate in children’s games is another language of “I’m here.”


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There are still many other benefits from playing with children. The important thing is that parents are aware of this and dare to try. Many obstacles make parents reluctant to play with children. For example: fatigue, different interests, emotional conditions of older people who are less well, family problems that make depression, war with husband, wife, father-in-law or brother-in-law, worry cannot stop the game with a fight or punishment, feeling lost valuable, worrying about not being able to follow a child’s will or interest, not knowing how to start, and so on. And the biggest obstacle is to consider ‘playing’ as an enemy of ‘learning’. Even though playing is one of the most important needs in a child’s development, besides eating, drinking and sleeping. 

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Prohibiting children from playing is the same as forbidding children from enjoying their childhood and growing up. How cruel a parent is to forbid children to play only for a score of 10 on a report card, or to get a trophy to be placed in a display cabinet. Try to play with your students using Dragon Ball Z Coloring Sheets Printable.

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Let’s start trying. Understanding and sensitivity of parents to the benefits of playing will make parents more skilled in playing with children, also enjoying together with children. And believe me, children from families who like to play will be children who are intelligent, sociable, and easy to follow various kinds of regulations. You can download Dragon Ball Z Coloring Sheets Printable for free.

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Well, you can have Dragon Ball Z Coloring Sheets Printable.