Gtr Coloring Pages Downloadable contains several pictures about the car. You can download it for free.  The name of the Nissan GT-R is so legendary and one of the fastest supercars ranks in the world. Because of its popularity, this car is also widely used as an icon as in the film the Fast and Furious.

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The birth of the GT-R began around 1969 until 1974 when Nissan produced the Skyline coupe under the name Skyline GT-R. His name continues to be worldwide because of outstanding achievements both on racing tracks and public roads.

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Updates continue and the latest Nissan series cannot be underestimated. Even today, the name GT-R is still phenomenal. So, what stands for the name GT-R which is said to reflect that performance?

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Reporting from top speed, the GT-R actually stands for Gran Turismo Racer. At that time, Nissan used the GT-R as a powerful weapon to increase their fast car sales in western countries.

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The latest Nissan GT-R series is now equipped with a twin turbo (hand built) V6 engine that is claimed to have power up to 419 kW and torque reaching 632 Nm.

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The drive system relies on All-Wheel Drive which is combined with a 6-speed transmission accompanied by three types of drive settings. There are at least 4 variants offered to suit the country of marketing. As in Australia, the Nissan GT-R is available in the Premium series, Premium Luxury Trim, Track Edition engineered by NISMO and NISMO.

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