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Easter is also referring to the period in the church calendar called the Passover period, which is the period celebrated forty days since Easter Sunday (the peak of Holy Week) until the day of Ascension.

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The first week in Easter was called the Easter Octave by the Roman Catholic Church. Easter also ends the Pre-Easter celebration which begins forty days before Holy Thursday, namely the periods of prayer, regret, and preparation for mourning.

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Easter is one of the days of changing holidays (in Christianity it is called a moving celebration) because it is adjusted to a particular day (in this case Sunday), not a specific date in the civil calendar.

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Other Christian holidays date according to Easter day using a complex formula. Easter is usually celebrated between the end of March and the end of April (Christianity of the Western rite) or the beginning of April to the beginning of May (Christianity of the Eastern rite) every year, depending on the cycle of the moon.

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After hundreds of years, the churches did not reach an agreement, now all churches have accepted the calculation of the Alexandrian Church (now called the Coptic Church).

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The calculation determines that Easter falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon of Easter, which is the first full moon of the fourteenth day (“church full moon”) falls on or after March 21 (Sun Spring / ecclesiastical vernal equinox).

Easter Sunday is not the same (but still related) celebration of the Jewish Passover in terms of its symbolism and calendar.

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