Some say if the house is not just a building to be occupied. Houses have a deeper meaning. They interpret the house as something that can create comfort, warmth, and happiness in the heart. You have House Coloring Pages Downloadable which can be downloaded for free.

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If so, any building as grand and fancy cannot be called ‘home’ if this heart does not feel comfortable while there. Conversely, a small hut that is as it can be ‘home’ as long as this feeling is happy when there.

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So, the house is the person in it. Those who create comfort while inside the house. There are also those who say, it is not the luxury of buildings that create comfort and happiness, but the people in it can do it. Just like what Philip-Philip wrote in a piece of the song lyrics of ‘home ’he owned. He said a house can only be built with human sincerity.

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Yep, that is true. No matter how much we create ‘home’, if it’s not created sincerely, the house is just a building. Home is the most comfortable place in the world. Because that’s where I can devote all my complaints to the family. They never complained. Always be a good listener and solution provider.

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Well, but I am a migratory child who likes to walk who is rarely at home. I am not like you who can meet the family at any time. Often being away from home, forced me to find another ‘home’ overseas.

Finding a home is not easy. Believe me, it’s easier to find a girlfriend. Meet lots of new friends, take a walk together, do lots of exciting things. However, it feels difficult to create a warm and comfortable feeling while in that circle.

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