Kitten Coloring Pages Downloadable has several pictures inside the page.  Caring for kittens is a pleasure for Pet Lover cat lovers. His age is still small so we can train it earlier so that they will grow into obedient adult cats. Basically, cats are clean animals because every day they are diligently licking their own feathers or commonly called grooming.

Kitten coloring pages couple

Kitten coloring pages couple. Image via

Kitten coloring pages cute cats

Kitten coloring pages cute cats. Image via

In kittens that are not too big, usually, their parents will help lick the kitten’s hair to keep it clean. What about PetLovers who have a kitten without a parent? The absence of a mother makes it difficult for kittens to cleanse themselves, especially in hard-to-touch areas such as the neck and neck. For this reason, PetLovers can follow the following ways to bathe a kitten.

Kitten coloring pages cute

Kitten coloring pages cute. Image via

Indeed, the right time to bathe a kitten is when they reach eight weeks. At that age, kittens begin to get to know water and can adapt to the surrounding environment. One of the advantages of bathing kittens from an early age is to make them become accustomed if later their bodies are dirty.

Kitten coloring pages happy

Kitten coloring pages happy. Image via

For convenience Pet lovers how to bathe a kitten is a must do, kitten nail clippers before bathing so as not to scratch and injure the skin. The kitten who was cut for the first time may have rebelled and felt uncomfortable. Wear long-sleeved clothes when cutting nails and bathing kittens to minimize the risk of injury.

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Kitten coloring pages sad

Kitten coloring pages sad. Image via

Bathing a kitten when they are stressed can make their condition worse. Invite to play first, then take them to the bathroom. PetLovers can wash the face of the kitten with the palm of the hand, then continue to wet the entire body with water. Rub the cat’s special shampoo until foamy, then rinse thoroughly. Avoid the entry of water into the ears, eyes, and nose of the kitten. Soft movements can avoid kittens from panic and want to run away.

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