Playing is a fun activity, so children will do it with happy emotions, happy. By itself, through fun play activities, children are easier to learn and absorb many things. In addition, learning will result in changes in abilities and behavior. Learning activities are actually not only related to the academic field, but also non-academic matters, such as life skills, sports, arts, etc.

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Lisa Frank Coloring Pages Usable is the example of the toy used in fun activity. Most community members still view playing as a time-wasting activity, there is no benefit. This assumption is wrong because it is actually through playing aspects of physical development (health, body muscle strength), motor skills (body movements, fingers skills); cognitive development (attention, concentration, memory, reasoning power, language, recognizing and understanding various basic concepts as the forerunner of learning mathematics, reading, writing, etc.); social and emotional development (socializing with peers, tolerance, caring for and cooperating with others, perseverance, not giving up easily, self-control, solving problems, etc.); can be grown and improved.

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It’s very sad (and makes it furious) if the community members assume that since their toddler-age even toddlers, children have to be stuffed with various formal activities to learn (for example, there are institutions that offer courses in reading, writing, arithmetic, for children aged 3 years). The reason stated by this group is that the first five years of age for children must be stimulated to be smarter. If not, then they will lose their golden years to study so their playing time is very limited.

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What kind of play activities are appropriate and appropriate for these children so that they can benefit from their playing activities? First, adapted to the age and characteristics of the child, and fun. Second, playing activities should be varied, can develop three realms of development (physical-motoric, cognitive, social-emotional). Thirdly, adults (parents or teachers) must involve themselves in playing with children, and play as playmates, making playing activities exciting, and friends who can broaden children’s horizons.

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