As a teacher, you must know these competencies: Communicate verbally, write, and/or gesture politely. Use functional communication and information technology.


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Associate effectively with students, fellow educators, educational staff, leaders of educational units, parents or guardians of students. Hang out politely with the surrounding community by heeding the prevailing norms and value system. Applying the principle of true brotherhood and a spirit of togetherness.

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Mastering the theory and praxis of education. Applying physiological and psychological development and counselee behavior. Mastering the essence of guidance and counseling services in the path, type, and level of education units. Have faith and fear God Almighty. Respect and uphold human values, individuality, and freedom of choice.

Demonstrate strong personality integrity and stability. Featuring high-quality performance. Social Competence. Implement internal collaboration at work. Acting in professional organizations and activities in bombing and counseling and the last is implement professional collaboration.

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