If we want to talk about friend shoes, it’s also hard if you haven’t understood the parts of shoes that people usually talk about. For example, when someone says “Hmmm, these shoes are good, but the toe cap is uncomfortable, and the tongue is uncomfortable on the back of my foot,” You can only grin while thinking “What the hell, this person doesn’t say clearly. ” You are going to get Shoe Coloring Page for Practice, for your quick access.

shoe coloring page 1

shoe coloring page 1. Image via www.3.bp.blogspot.com

The part called Upper is the upper part of the shoe that covers our feet. Starting from the toes, the instep, the sides of the feet, to the back of our feet. Upper is divided into several parts, such as vamp, tongue, quarter, lining, to the back.

shoe coloring page 2

shoe coloring page 2. Image via www.coloring-painting-pages.com

shoe coloring page 3

shoe coloring page 3. Image via www.coloringway.com

Simply put, the upper is all the shoe parts that are at the top of the shoe. The upper and lower shoes (lower / sole), bounded by a section called Insole. Just download Shoe Coloring Page for Practice. 

shoe coloring page 4

shoe coloring page 4. Image via www.supercoloring.com

shoe coloring page 5

shoe coloring page 5. Image via www.coloringtop.com

The vamp is part of the Upper, which covers the top of our instep. The one named Vamp connects to the tongue of the shoe. Shoe tongue? You know, the one underneath our shoelaces and the shape is like a tongue. The types of Vamp a shoe also depends on the type of shoe. Well, what do you waiting for? Our collections called  Shoe Coloring Page for Practice. 

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