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Design Coloring Pages Quickly Usage

What is meant by design? In general, the notion of design is a plan or design that is carried out before making an object, system, component, or structure. Another opinion said that the meaning of design is the process of planning or designing an object that aims so that the object created has a function, has a value of beauty, and is useful for humans. You can use Design Coloring Pages Quickly Usage.

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design coloring pages 1
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Etymologically the term design comes from English, namely “design” which means design, plan, or design. In the design process will take into account various aspects, such as; aesthetics, functions, and various other aspects obtained from human research and thinking. There are many pictures of Design Coloring Pages Quickly Usage.

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Design is applied art, architecture, and various other creative achievements that involve the arrangement of lines, shapes, sizes, colors, and values ​​of an object based on certain principles. The design functions are as follows:

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As a tool in the process of creating a new object. As a means of designers to convey ideas or works of art to the public. As a container to expose the appearance of certain objects to the community with an actual picture or condition.

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As a means to improve human knowledge so that it is better understood in the form of images of fields, space, arrangement, configuration, composition, value, and so on. You can use Design Coloring Pages Quickly Usage.

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